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What if Goliath became David?

What if Goliath became David? The biggest lie the devil tells you is "not now, you still have time" 1. During one of my last Trips I chose Malcolm Gladwell's book "David and Goliath - Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Baffling Giants" as my traveling friend. In the first chapter of his book, Malcolm describes the battle between David and Goliath, leaving the reasons why Goliath was defeated in a totally unexpected way for the Philistines. Without going into Leer más


Performance = Capability + Behavior

Performance = Capability + Behavior James Kerr "Legacy" One of the common mi stakes that most of the companies do, is support their performance expectations only in capabilities. The true is that, capabilities almost everyone can buy on the market and that is something that, alone, will not make the difference. What really makes the difference is when we add capabili-ties with the right behaviors. that will increase exponen-tially the probability of success for any organization. A study made in Leer más


Entrevista a nuestro CO en G55CIO

Entrevista a nuestro CO en G55CIO Hay mucho que hacer en transformación digital Para el CEO del Grupo Hundred, Pedro Gomes Dos Santos, es primordial que antes de ingresar a la era de la digitalización de manera integral, las empresas optimicen sus recursos humanos y conozcan lo que realmente quieren lograr con la ayuda de las TI. Tomado de la revista G55CIO Edición N° 4 La visión del Chief Executive Officer (CEO) y fundador del Grupo Hundred, Leer más


We are walking distracted and whistling into the air

We are walking distracted and whistling into the air We are all walking distracted and whistling into the air... Alec Ross, one of the greatest experts in innovation from United States, author of the book "The industries of the future", which I recommend reading, said that, in a not too distant future, robots will be the main labor force. A good sign that he might be right are also the recent state-ments of Bill Gates, which said that the robots Leer más

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